MovieStarPlanet Tips and Cheats Tool v 4.0

Time to realize their dreams of great renown. Everyone wants to be a celebrity and MovieStarPlanet game cheats allow you to. You can live as you want in this big world that will never go out paparazzi camera flashes. You start by creating a fun and here girls will love, because the appearance of the avatar editor is powerful. Our celebrity, or celebrity (I choose the character’s gender, we will play) can be one of many styles, select eye color, face shape. We select a dress. If you will not be satisfied until the end do not worry – after you start playing, you can change into other clothes.
When you are ready to confirm the form and enter the game. At this stage, you must activate your account by choosing a username, password, and enter your email address and we will send confirmation of willingness to participate in the fun. Surely many of you have heard of such an application to the game as MovieStarPlanet cheats, but not bother because such a thing does not exist.
Now you can start exploring the world MovieStar. And there is nowhere else to go: we have our apartment, shops, city movies, mini-games. In addition, you can go to the garden, where you will take care of the chosen animal. Implemented a chat, where we can talk to other players. Worthy of discussion is mentioned film center, where you can create a movie starring your character! With a lot of options, but easy to use video editor in MovieStar Planet will enable you to create interesting sequences that view and will be able to evaluate all members of the community.

MovieStarPlanet Cheats Tool v 4.0 features:

  • unlimited starcoins
  • unlimited diamonds
  • unlimited fame
  • easy to use
  • modern look


 How to use MovieStarPlanet cheats tool?

1. In the first step we need to establish a connection with the game. To this end, we need to switch to the connection. In this section we introduce our login to the game and then some on the connect button. The program at this time, will try to establish a connection with the game. If the connection is successful then the userinfo table, you will see all the information about our account.


2. Once connected, go to the tab proxy. It is in this tab, the program downloads the latest proxies. To download, click on the download new proxy.


3. If you have done the previous two steps to go to the tab Manin. We introduce here starcoins, diamonds to be added to the game. Then add a few on the now, the program will start its work.